Top 5 Bathroom Design Apps

remodeling a bathroom using one of the bathroom design apps

Top 5 Bathroom Design Apps

Before starting any interior design project, it will benefit you to have a plan. With technology, there’s no need to test your artistic abilities and sketch out design plans. There are now apps and software programs available to help visualize how you’d like to update a room. For example, here are the top 5 bathroom design apps if you are interested in updating a bathroom in your home.

Planner 5D

This is an app used on a mobile device or on a home computer. It makes designing easy by allowing you to create 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional floor plans. Once you’ve created a floor plan, you choose items from their catalogue. The floor plans you create will be pretty basic, so a professional bathroom designer like me will be able to help bring more guidance to the idea.

Room Sketcher

Room Sketcher is an app that allows you to sketch a floor plan or home design project. If you do like to sketch your own work or have a blue print, there’s an option to upload your work and the program can draw it for you.

Smart Draw

This app makes things simple for you because there are already built-in templates and pre-loaded plans you can choose from. In addition, the program provides a wide variety of colours and materials you can select.

Bath CAD

Originally developed by a UK-based company that sells bathroom products, this program offers a shopping list once you’ve put your design plans together. The program itself uses more realistic drawings and provides plans with accurate measurements.

Home by Me

Home by Me is an app that lets you customize services to include basic designing services to a more robust one. The realistic images make it look like your home.

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Once you get ideas created onto a program, contacting a bathroom designer will be helpful. I’ve been in the field for 17 years, so I will have contacts for contractors and vendors to help make your ideas a reality. Plus, I can provide professional advice on the detailed design you’ve created. To get an idea of what customers say about an interior designer, reference testimonials. For additional advice, please visit my guide or you can contact me directly.