Interior Shops in Richmond, Surrey

Interior Shops in Richmond, Surrey

Richmond: a centre for fashion and design.  A beautiful town in its own right with boutique shops, restaurants and green spaces, the river and plenty of inspiration.

I wanted to write a blog about how Richmond is a mecca for interior shops, as it once was: we had Maison and India Jane for the more classic interior, Dwell for a more sleek, contemporary look and Holloways of Ludlow for quirky lighting and accessories.

Unfortunately they have all gone and the only way to order from these suppliers is to visit a showroom elsewhere or look online.

The problem with this is that you are often investing a fair amount of your income into furniture or fittings and you really want to feel them, sit in them, try them or at least see them before you buy!

I wonder if these companies are leaving the high street because they have more competition from other online retailers and therefore they can’t compete on price if they are also paying to have physical shop-space in a beautiful town such as Richmond.

Luckily it is so easy to hop onto the tube and take yourself to Chelsea where there is an abundance of interior showrooms displaying everything from fabrics to lighting to furniture, bathrooms and accessories.  However, where do you start?

Sometimes the choice can be too great and this is where it can pay to employ an interior designer.  A designer should have a pretty good idea of what is available, what is appropriate depending on budget and their specific client’s requirements and will be able to provide you with practical solutions.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the choice online or indeed don’t know where to start give me a buzz!

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