How Do Interior Designers Work With Clients?

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How Do Interior Designers Work With Clients?

Many people who have just purchased a new home are looking to renovate. They have considered the possibility of hiring an interior designer to assist them in designing their new dream space. However, many hesitate because they don’t think they know exactly how an interior designer will work with them. While many people wish to have the help, they still want someone to keep their vision for the space.

For those leary of hiring a professional interior designer, the following is a take from Lisa Lewis on how she helps her customers design the spaces of their dreams without overstepping her boundaries as a designer:

What the Designer Has to Say

When clients come to me (Lisa Lewis) looking to me to help them design their dream space, the first thing I do is offer a complimentary “no strings attached” phone consultation. Thus, the client can explain exactly what they want. Once I find out the scope of the work, I dive in and come up with a ballpark estimate.


If the client agrees that the provided price is a fair estimate, then, depending on the scope of the project, I begin doing schemes. My design services range from designing a specific space to making over entire rooms. A lengthy background of working on various projects has given me a wealth of knowledge upon which to draw.


Once I provide my basic design ideas to my clients, they then have the opportunity to tell me what they do or do not like about the design. I will make any necessary adjustments to the design to help it meet the client’s needs moving forward. Once the client is fully satisfied with the design then I will move forward with the project. 

Depending on the project that I am currently working on, I may go at the project by myself or determine if it needs some more extensive coordination with and sourcing to help get the project completed according to the client’s expectations. 


Throughout this entire design and execution process, I make sure that I have frequent meetings with my client about the work that I am doing. I always want to ensure complete satisfaction with the work at hand. I also want to know of any rising issues as I work on the project so I can correct them and ensure the client is 100% satisfied with my work.

Hard Work

I never leave the project location without a final check through to ensure that the issues are resolved. Doing this ensures that I end up with nothing less than happy customers!

Learn More About How Designers Work With Clients

This is how the design process works from the perspective of an experienced interior designer. The goal of the interior designer is to assist the client design their dream space! If a client is ever unhappy with the job, the designer is there to make it better!

Interior designers have one and only one job: to execute the design dreams of the client!

If you are looking for an experienced interior designer, take a look at Lisa Lewis’s profile. So, contact us to sign up for your free consultation!