How to Frame Windows in Your Home

How to Frame Windows in Your Home

How to Frame Windows in Your Home

When it comes to decorating your favourite room, your windows probably aren’t the first thing on your mind. However, there are so many fun and functional ways to frame windows to make them an aesthetically pleasing part of any room!

Emphasize Your Windows With Craftsman Framing

Sometimes less is more, and not all windows need elaborate framing to look their best. If you’re interested in a minimalist design, sleek and simple craftsman framing can be the perfect finishing touch. Indeed, they draw attention to your windows instead of the items that surround them. For best results, frame your windows with wood or metal that blends in with the framing of your doors or the other accents in your room.

Use Window Hangings to Decorate Your Windows

Your window isn’t necessarily just a window — instead, it can be the backdrop to even more decorating. Hanging stained-glass pictures that capture the sunlight, beaded decor, or even miniature succulents add a colourful and whimsical touch. If you’re looking for something a bit more traditional, large curtains in a bright colour can be the perfect solution.

Surround Your Windows With Bookcases and Seating

Nothing makes a room feel more like home than comfortable seating. Indeed, creating a cosy reading nook can be a fun and functional way to highlight your windows. By choosing bookcases that complement the height of your windows, you can draw attention to your windows while keeping your favourite books and knick-knacks neatly organized. Adding a soft window seat in colours and patterns that work nicely with your decorative pillows, throws, and upholstery is the perfect way to create a cosy place to spend chilly evenings.

Let Me Help You Frame Windows!

Your windows can do so much more than let light into your room. I can’t wait to help you choose the perfect way to frame your windows to make them an eye-catching part of your favourite room! Contact me to learn more.