What to Expect When Working With an Interior Designer

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What to Expect When Working With an Interior Designer

When someone considers employing an interior designer, they tend to focus on, well, design. In other words, their desired aesthetic, colour scheme, the layout of the space and other elements that they have envisioned for their home. However, when working with your designer, there are technical, communication and monetary elements to consider. But don’t worry! We’ll cover that and any other elements that you should expect when employing an interior designer.

1. The First Phone Call

The first step to employing an interior designer is to contact them via phone. You may wonder what the first call should entail. Well, you should expect to become familiar with the interior designer. Secondly, the designer will need to understand your specific requirements. This is so that they can better understand the scope of the project.

2. Receiving a Quote

You should expect to receive a quote from the interior designer. Fees will depend on the scale of the work.

3. Room Schemes and Design

Following your consultation with the interior designer, you will receive a proposed layout, as well as sample, colour ideas and in some cases an illustration of what the rooms could look like.

4. Providing Feedback

After receiving the proposed layout from the interior designer, this is where you provide your input and feedback. After all, the space should be a collaboration between you and the designer. Think about what you like and don’t like, as well as specific elements that you would like to include, such as furniture or decorative pieces that are important to you.

5. Regular Meetings Through Completion

To ensure that the space meets your needs, you should expect to have regular meetings with your designer until the completion of the project. The designer can oversee the work of the contractors and other services to ensure that the work meets your vision and standards.

6. Final Checks

Nearing completion of the project, the interior designer will review the space and look for any last-minute touches, improvements and take care of any snagging issues.

7. A Happy Customer

And you’re finished! Ideally, your space should meet or even exceed your standards. And you, as the customer, get to enjoy your newly-designed abode.

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