What Exactly Does an Interior Designer Do and How Can They Help You?

Modern, high end, living room redesigned by interior designer

What Exactly Does an Interior Designer Do and How Can They Help You?

Hiring an interior designer is an efficient step in planning the aesthetic and spatial arrangement of your home or work space. Have you ever watched an interior design program? The work of an interior designer is similar to this! As the customer, you consult with your designer and they will provide you with their ideas and taste with the goal of making your space both aesthetically-pleasing and functional with your needs in mind.

What Does an Interior Designer Do?

Let’s delve into the details and demystify any misconceptions that you may have.

The goal of the interior designer is to improve your space, which includes a variety of elements. This includes the way that your space looks, the arrangement of the furniture, the colours used and the practicality of the space depending on how it is being utilised. And not only does the designer prioritize the space itself, but they also want to make you, the customer, happy! They cater to your specific needs. These include your practical needs, as well as your emotional needs, in order to make the space feel comfortable and to suit your lifestyle or work environment.

Budget, Time, and Quality

An interior designer will also take into account your budget. They will ensure that the final product meets or even exceeds your expectations within the given budget. They will also monitor the amount of time being taken and communicate with any additional tradespeople to guarantee that deadlines are met. The final product should be high-quality and meet the requirements that you have discussed with your interior designer.

Functionality is Essential

Your designer will ensure that your space is functional. For example, you may want an open room plan to incorporate many guests for parties and events. Therefore, your interior designer will take this element into account and may arrange the furniture and overall plan of the rooms to encourage mobility and communication between guests. Perhaps you want a modern, social office space. In this case, your designer will likely choose furniture and dividers that encourage comfort and communication.


Another vital aspect is how your space looks, as you want an environment that makes you smile. This includes the colours being used, the patterns, the shapes, the decorations, the use of lighting, etc. An interior designer will know which colours complement each other, which art pieces evoke certain emotions or suit the environment, and the most appropriate lighting to make your space bright and airy. If you would like a space that feels like home, your designer will be able to translate your vision into a reality.

Learn More About Finding an Interior Designer

The work of the interior designer should reflect the needs of you, the client. Contact Lisa Lewis Interior Design for high-quality, professional home design that will ensure top-notch aesthetic, efficiency, sustainability and your specific needs being met.

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