Even Storage Deserves Appealing Design

Even Storage Deserves Appealing Design

Even Storage Deserves Appealing Design

Storage is an important aspect of any functional space. Whether it’s an office with papers and supplies, an art studio full of tools and paints, or a small bedroom with only personal items, every room needs a bit of storage, but you don’t have to compromise on style for function or accept piles of clutter. Clutter can cause stress or feelings of guilt and overwhelm, and we’ve all got enough to worry about these days. Consider the following strategies to incorporate visual design into storage for any space.


Could your storage problem be fixed with new furniture? Cabinets, shelves, console tables with room for bins underneath: the possibilities are as varied as the rooms in which they live. Don’t feel restricted by the label or placement designated in the furniture store. For example, a tall bedroom dresser can hold all the board games for a family. A jewellery cabinet can sort craft supplies. Wine racks can keep scarves.

Wrap It Up

Wrap boxes, bins, and holders a stylish cover to match the room’s theme. Hat boxes, magazine holders, and even right-sized plain cardboard boxes can easily be covered with scrapbook pages, wrapping paper, or decorative fabric. Use a glue such as Modge Podge pasted under the paper and then brush a layer on top to create a lacquered surface and keep the paper stuck.

Don’t Hide It

Storage doesn’t need to be hidden behind cabinet doors or in pretty boxes to be beautiful. Consider the space and what you need to store. Books are a perfect example. Some designers have started arranging books by spine colour, but be careful not to lose the ability to find a title or subject. Within a shelf or group of books, can you arrange them to be visually appealing? Try ascending size within biographies or colour transitions on a shelf of novels. Mass market paperbacks are all the same size, so turn a stack on their side every shelf or two. Don’t be afraid to switch up strategies within one space to avoid monotony.

Label With Flair

Make your labels aesthetic. Labelling complex storage is important for finding things easily but think outside the label-maker. Chalk signs and decorative stickers are available in most home stores, or you can write your own pretty cursive labels. You can even label with pictures or colours instead of words to change things up.

Find More Creative Storage Solutions

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