Create Visually-Appealing Storage in Every Room

Create Visually-Appealing Storage in Every Room

Create Visually-Appealing Storage in Every Room

Did you know that our brains can subconsciously focus better in an atmosphere free of clutter? It makes sense. Almost everything functions better when there is order and purpose (it looks better too), and our homes are no different! So, what can be done to help decrease clutter and replace it with attractive alternatives? Storage!

Storage, Storage, and More Storage!

You’ve probably heard the saying, “A place for everything, and everything in its place”. It’s important that we indeed do have a place for everything, and in many cases, storage is the answer to the dilemma. Some elements will need to contain items long-term (like quilts, photo albums, old letters), while others will simply be a place to hang items that are used every day, such as keys, hats, purses, etc.

Depending on the available space, it’s a good idea to keep the type of item in mind before acquiring it. Large spaces may benefit from curio cabinets and extensive shelving units, while a smaller room might be better served by dual-purpose furniture, such as a bench with hidden storage underneath.

Making Storage an Attractive Matter

Now is the time to get creative and really tap into your inner designer. Look around each room and try to envision unique and practical ways to reduce that mind-altering clutter. Examples might include:

  • An antique shelf by the door for shoes
  • Some rustic pegs on the wall
  • A work desk with lots of compartments
  • Bookshelves
  • New closets

Learn More About Storing Items in a Visually-Appealing Way

Of course, all the basics of design apply in these decisions; choose the colours, wood types, and styles that compliment your room and add visual interest. Let your personality shine through each of your choices and you’ll find that the new look will fit into your lifestyle!