What Are the Costs to Hire an Interior Designer

interior designer added a modern touch to a white living room with large accent pieces

What Are the Costs to Hire an Interior Designer

Hiring an interior designer is not at all as complicated as you might think. My fee schedule is based on the services provided and the overall scale of the work. I’ve outlined the basic services and fees below, Thus, you may gain a better understanding of what is really a quite transparent transaction.

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Room Schemes

This is the initial consultation; we meet and go over your visions and specific requirements. Following that, I will send you a Briefing Document that outlines my proposal. If you are happy with that, I will send you a layout, proposed colour schemes and samples, and perhaps a drawing of the finished space. Fees are based on the scale of work.

Space Planning

I can draw a new floor plan for you that maximises the space and existing layout, taking advantage of natural lighting, doorways, and electrical outlets for a simple re-organisation project.


My aesthetic is yours–helping you realise your interior dreams. In that light, I love to re-use pieces that are special to you.  Indeed, this way your new rooms are personal. With my years in the business, my expertise goes from sourcing that piece of furniture you want to finish a room, to drawing entirely new floor plans and interiors.


After we have agreed on the project, I can draw comprehensive specifications so that you can work with contractors directly.

Bespoke Design and Joinery

An example of my Specifications work is in designing bespoke cabinets, bookcases, and storage. I have the vendors to execute your vision, or turn the plans over to you, for your cabinet maker to complete the process.

Design Illustrations

Most of my customers have some difficulty in visualising ideas. Thus, I do offer perspective images, elevation drawings, and sketches to help you envision the finished work.

Project Coordination

I do believe that interior design projects run more smoothly with one person coordinating the work, from conception to the final floor polish. I can oversee the entire scope of work, from concepts to specifications to selecting the contractors–ensuring that you don’t have to worry about the day to day details.

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welcome the opportunity to discuss your interior design project with you. In the meantime, please review my portfolio for some examples of my recent projects.