5 Classic Design Trends for Your Home’s Staircase

5 Classic Design Trends for Your Home's Staircase

5 Classic Design Trends for Your Home’s Staircase

The staircase is an integral element in house design. Ideally, it enables more effortless movement between levels in a home. The current trend with multileveled homes has elevated the need to design a way to access other floors. Though elevators’ advent is almost rendering traditional static stairs obsolete, installing and maintaining an elevator is more expensive.

Are there various staircase designs that you can use for your home? This article spotlights different classic designs that you should consider for your house.

Whether thinking about redesigning your staircase and looking for excellent design ideas, or building a new house and wondering which type you may need for your house, these steps will serve you well.

1. L Shaped

These straight shaped staircases ensure a 90-degree turn going right or left after landing. Additionally, the stairs are commonly used in most homes as they are simple and easy to design.

2. U Shaped

If you feel like using the staircase daily with ease, then the U shaped staircase is ideal for you. Just the way L shaped operates, the U shaped takes a full U shape. A landing is usually used to separate the two parallel segments.

3. Winder

The winder is a more complicated version of the L shaped staircase. This type has a set of winders with treads broader on one side than the other. The treads make the landing place to save space. They are ideal for limited space despite the complicated design.

4. Curved

The curved shaped staircase designs have no landing. Ordinarily, this design is continuous following the bend. This creates a striking architectural design for your house. If you are stylish and looking for a unique design for your home, then this design is ideal for you.

5. Bifurcated

Compared to a curved staircase, which generally continues with no landing, a bifurcated design resembles the iconic Titanic staircase. This type has a sweeping set of steps split into two flights going opposite directions. If you are looking for a gorgeous design for your home, then choose a bifurcated design.


An excellent staircase design gives your home a stylish outlook. Whether you opt for bifurcated, curved, or any form of style for your house, your budget counts. Transform your home’s outlook by collaborating with qualified interior designers to guide you in the process. Contact us to learn more.