6 Questions to Ask an Interior Designer Before You Hire Them

Modern living space redone by an interior designer to include a grey couch, free hanging light bulbs, and a simple table.

6 Questions to Ask an Interior Designer Before You Hire Them

In a sense, the process of hiring an interior designer is a lot like dating. Starting from the initial conversations, moving on to hoping that they will “get” your visions, and finally, wishing for a long-lasting relationship. If you’ve never gone through the process before, don’t be nervous! Take your time to ask the potential candidate important questions to get a feel of their background, experience, attitude, and personality.

Before hiring your next interior designer, here are some terrific questions you should ask them.

1. How will you help me communicate my style to you?

An experienced interior designer will be great at guiding you through photos, asking the right questions about your current style, what kinds of artwork you enjoy, your favourite colour schemes, etc. They will be able to show you various examples to get a feel of your reactions and take it from there. You can also ask if they plan to draw, build models, or use technology to show you previews of their ideas.

2. How will you manage my budget?

Part of a designer’s job is to ensure they maximize your budget to its fullest potential. It must meet both your wants and needs. Ask how they keep track of expenses and if they will offer multiple choices for different prices levels. Look for a designer who is comfortable and confident in their answer and systems.

3. How would you describe your signature style?

While professional designers will be able to work with whichever style you wish, every interior designer has a style that they love. For example, if you’re looking to remodel your living room to be modern, finding a designer whose signature work is modern will better meet your needs. Having them describe their style will either turn you off or make you say “Yes, they’re it!”.

4. If there are problems on the job, how do you deal with them?

Unfortunately, problems can arise, it’s sometimes inevitable. Having a designer who has a backup plan if items are back ordered or damaged can mean a world of difference between a smooth or bumpy job.

5. What is the most challenging part of designing a home?

This question can help you identify the interior designer’s strengths and weaknesses.

6. What degrees have you earned?

Although experience level can make up for degrees in some cases, asking for their formal educational background is a smart idea to get a better feel of what they’ve accomplished.

A few other great questions to ask are, “How much time do you estimate the job will take to finish?”, “Do you stay up to date on current trends?”, and “Do you have any examples of your previous work you can show me?”.

Have more questions for an interior designer?

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