4 Surface Textures That Lift a Room’s Mood

A living room with multiple surface textures in a blue setting.

4 Surface Textures That Lift a Room’s Mood

Textures play a significant role in home decor. When you incorporate a variety of surface textures, they create regions of interest that point the eye to a particular spot. Textures complement all elements in a room exuding an inviting tone. Using a mix of textures brightens your room making it cosy.

Role of Textures in Light Reflection/Capture

Different surface textures attract and reflect light from various angles. Additionally, direct light on texture boosts it. However, if it is diffused light, it makes the texture appear dull. A room with more light allows surfaces to reflect more light.

Surface Textures That Brighten Spaces

  1. Rough or coarse texture — reflects less light portraying a warm feeling while making the room feel dense and rustic. These textures provide a sense of intimacy. Examples include carpets, embroidered fabrics, rugs, or Maltese stone.
  2. Smooth or shiny texture — reflects more light projecting a cool feeling. It makes a room feel light, sleek, more sophisticated, and more modern. Indeed, such textures include stone countertops and silky pillows.
  3. Soft or raised texture — tends to take in more light making a room feel warm, for instance, embellished furniture.
  4. Shiny and reflective texture — reflects more light. It is ideal in darker and smaller rooms as it makes them appear bigger and brighter. Examples of such texture include mirrors, wooden floors, lattice tables, or ceramic tiles.


By having a mix of light and heavy textures in varying sizes, you will create a perfect ambience in your home. You can also alternate between rough and smooth texture to bring out an interesting scheme in a space. Glossy textures are more modern while natural or rough textures are laid back and rustic.

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