2019’s Best Contemporary Bathroom Design Trends

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2019’s Best Contemporary Bathroom Design Trends

Homeowners are putting more and more effort into designing luxury bathrooms for their homes than ever before. It’s about time we let ourselves splurge a little on our own spaces! Master suites are the perfect part of your home to pamper yourself in your design. Not sure where to start? Let a trusted interior designer customize your space for you.

Here are some of our favourite contemporary bathroom design trends from this year.

Wall-Mounted Toilets

You wouldn’t think that a toilet has the potential to bring about much design envy, but wall-mounted toilets are the exact type of toilet to pull it off. Floating toilets like the one I put in our barn refurbishment in Dorset add a clean, modern, and practical style. There are fewer nooks and crannies with a wall-mounted toilet than a traditional one, so cleaning around it is a breeze.

Floor-to-Ceiling Shower Doors

If we’re working with a smaller space, it makes sense to not make it look smaller than it already is. Using glass shower doors that extend from the floor to the ceiling creates a seamless and custom look that makes any space feel larger-than-life.

Rounded Mirrors

Your vanity mirror is an important piece of your bathroom design and rounded mirrors are a hot trend right now. Either circular or rectangular with rounded edges, both draw the eye to them more than your average straight-edged mirrors.

Wood Accents

Wood accents pair wonderfully with contemporary design elements, and they are making a comeback this year. I designed an ensuite shower room in this London apartment with a wood accent behind the sink to give a warmer feel that compliments the contemporary and modern fixtures.

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