Factors to Consider When Designing a Bathroom

bathroom updated by an interior designer

Factors to Consider When Designing a Bathroom

Considering it is used by every family member daily, your bathroom requires a lot of attention. In case you have the opportunity to update the current space or begin creating one from scratch, then it would be worth investing enough time to get it right. This four-minute read offers all the consideration factors to have in mind as you design your dream bathroom.

What Clients Say About the Interior Designer

This is the most important consideration factor when planning to design your dream bathroom. Before beginning the search for ‘bathroom designers near me,’ ensure that you check out testimonials or independent reviews as they give you a clear picture of the quality to expect. Furthermore, you can research and visit different sites to see the quality of their services first hand before learning how to work with your designer.

Finalize a Budget

To create your dream room, you need to prioritize the areas to spend on and save in advance, and it narrows down to deciding on a budget. But there is some good news. You do not have to part with thousands of dollars to finally get a spa feel. You need to invest in one beautiful piece and accompany it with an equally budget-conscious backdrop.

Bathroom Layout

Before beginning your search for dream accents and statement tiles, ensure that you have carefully considered the layout for your bathroom. With proper design, your room will not just look good, but it will also be functional. When working out the layout, begin with paying attention to your routine in the room and how the available space can cater for that most effectively.

Ace the Lighting

Lighting has a crucial role in the mood and functionality of your bathroom. Even with a smaller bathroom, quality lighting could significantly elevate the feel, making it seem brighter and larger. The design should make the best use of the available natural lighting before thinking about the lighting to install. You can use warmer light for a relaxing tone in the bath. But for the bathroom vanity, always go for harsher brightness. Furthermore, dimmers are a brilliant way of switching between ambiance lighting and task.

Be Smart With Space

Avoid overloading the bathroom with trending fixtures you may have seen out there. Instead, you need to work with the size of your bathroom. If you plan well, even the smallest spaces could be turned into functional and relaxing bathrooms. To get it right, regardless of the available space, ensure you utilize every corner and chose modern designs that are also space-saving.

Ventilation Is Equally Important

Most people tend to overlook ventilation when designing a bathroom, only to regret this later on. Particularly if your room has furniture, good ventilation helps prevent condensation, which could damage the wood. Also, you do not want a damp room, so your designer must ensure space is ventilated enough.

Get the Right Fabric

Just like real wood, fabric may not be ideal for the bathroom, but there are several materials that you should avoid completely. Fibres such as linen, silk, and cotton usually trap moisture, which ends up changing its appearance. Instead, you can go for better options such as PVC and polyester.

Factor in Storage

This is one of the key features of a successful bathroom, and just having a small glass shelf is not enough. Haphazardly placed toiletries never display well. Therefore, it will be a smart move if you have a substantial vanity that has space to keep extra towels and shower gels.

Plumbing Fittings

They may not spring to mind first when thinking of your dream bathroom, but you can make a statement with your tapware. The abundant options come with a range of distinctive elements that may range from minimal to elaborate, or modern to classic.

If you implement these tips, you can be sure to achieve the bathroom of your desires with ease. Contact us to learn more.